Holy Day Schedule for 2019 - 2030
Genesis 1:14-18             Psalm 104:19

YEAR 1st Day of the Year Feast of Unleavened Bread Pentecost Feast of Trumpets Day of Atonement Feast of  Tabernacles 8th Day
2019 April 7th April 21st - April 27th June 9th September 30th October 9th October 14th - October 20th October 21st
2020 March 26th April 9th - April 15th May 31st September 19th September 28th October 3rd - October 9th October 10th
2021 April 14th April 28th - May 4th June 20th October 8th October 17th October 22nd - October 28th October 29th
2022 April 4th April 18th - April 24th June 12th September 28th October 7th October 12th - October 18th October 19th
2023 March 24th April 7th - April 13th May 28th September 17th September 26th October 1st - October 7th October 8th
2024 April 10th April 24th - April 30th June 16th October 5th * October 14th October 19th - October 25 October 26th
2025 March 31st April 14th - April 20th June 8th September 24th * October 3rd October 8th - October 14th October 15th
2026 March 21st April 4th - April 10th May 24th September 13th ** September 22nd September 27th - October 3rd October 4th
2027 April  9th April 23rd - April 29th June 13th October 2nd * October 11th October 16th - October 22nd October 23rd
2028 March 28th April 11th - April 17th June 4th September 21st September 30th October 5th - October 11th October 12th
2029 April 16th April 30th - May 6th June 24th October  10th  October 19th October 24th - October 30th October 31st
2030 April  5th April 19th - April 25th June 9th September 30th  October 9th October 14th - October 20th October 21st

The dates in this schedule are derived from astronomical calculations that are based on the sighting of the new moon cresent from Israel. For all the dates listed the holy day  begins at sundown on the previous numbered day.
* There is a posibility that the New Moon could be seen the previous evening.
** There is a posibility that the New Moon might not be seen until the next evening.
For calendar research we recomend the site www.BiblicalCalendar.org