The Knoxville 7th Day Church of God traces it’s history back to the original church started in Jerusalem on Pentecost in 30AD. by Jesus. It has been splintered and persecuted, but as Jesus promised, Satan has not prevailed against it. Locally, we are the oldest Sabbath observant, holy day observant church in continuous operation.

In modern times the Knoxville branch of the church got it’s start with Vernon Boring from Benton, TN as it’s minister up until his death in June of 1988. The last few years of Vernon’s ministry, he was assisted by Ida Mae DeTienne of Knoxville. Ida Mae and her husband Delbert were baptized in the 1960's and served God till their death. Ida Mae served as a host for the Knoxville Church helping with renting a meeting place and assisting Vernon and later Mark as needed.

After Vernon’s death Mark Carr, who is a fourth generation Sabbath keeper was asked to lead services for the Knoxville Church. He was ordained at the Feast of Tabernacles as a deacon in 1988 and as a minister in 1989.

Mark is a minister for the 7th Day Church of God; Co-founder of Return To Torah Ministries; Editor of the Simple Truth and is a frequent guest of Dr. Kelley's Wellness Hour radio show. In the past he served for seven years as a chaplain for the Knox County Jail; was a co-host of a daily radio show; and a co-editor for The Jerusalem Sentinel. He is the author of many published articles and booklets.

Mark is also the vice-president of Network Solutions of Knoxville. He has many years of business experience in both management and ownership positions.