THE SIMPLE TRUTH is a publication for disciples of Jesus Christ. It is published by the 7TH Day Church of God in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Simple Truth is a Christian evangelistic effort affiliated with the Churches of God which observe the seventh day Sabbath, the Feast Days, and other traditions of Jesus as taught by His original disciples and practiced by the original and historic Church in Jerusalem.

We are opposed to, and find no Biblical support for the concept of a centralized "headquarters" Church that lords it over everyone. We recognize that there is a need for publications and tapes; that we are doing and will continue to do. There are no limitations on the use of our printed or taped material, except that it be for non-profit purposes and that proper credit be given to the author, publisher, and source of the material. In addition, we require that the material be used in its entirety, not adulterated or edited.

Our goal is to provide a vehicle for the discussion and sharing of ideas and experience between locally autonomous congregations, giving them an open forum to support and encourage each other in following our Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

In addition to its regular publication, The Simple Truth provides study materials free of charge, as God provides funds.

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